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Stroke 5 sports established in connection to improve and enhance the scope and level of boxing and mixed martial arts at world level. The company consider that the growing demand of boxing industry can’t be fulfilled until tech revolution be the part of it.

Stroke 5 sports feels that what the customer requirements are and how to fulfill it. In consideration, to uplift the sports industry, stroke 5 sports made commitment to fulfill the customer demands and be ready to tackle the upcoming challenges. 

We offer many custom products, including boxing, mixed martial arts, judo, karate, sambo and fitness apparel. contact our stroke 5 representative to learn more about customization options.  

When you are buy for new boxing gloves there are many key elements you should consider: closure of gloves, knuckle padding, wrist and weight. So, you should be familiar how gloves distinguish from each other. 

Wearing the right boxing gloves will impact your performance, as well as the longevity of your gear. By choosing the right boxing gloves that fit the type of workout routine you’re doing, for getting the most benefits from each style.

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